Whether in a relationship or single, this course will help you create the love life you desire!

 Have you ever felt trapped in an endless cycle of surface-level connections or relationships that start with excitement but end in disappointment?


Perhaps do you feel you're in a relationship where there is just something missing? The initial spark and excitement seem lost in the everyday routine, and the deep, fulfilling connection feels miles away now.


In a world where genuine connections seem less attainable than ever, many of us face the reality of superficial relationships that barely scratch the surface of our emotional needs.

What we believe is the key to the issue is:



>> We often lack adequate role models. 

>> We accumulate emotional wounds and limiting beliefs that affect our ability to build lasting connections.

>> We haven't acquired the necessary tools and skills to construct a resilient and thriving relationship. 

>> We struggle with both emotional and physical intimacy, unsure of how to authentically connect with and express this essential aspect of ourselves.


These blockages frequently remain unnoticed, silently influencing our interactions and choices. If not addressed, these challenges take a toll on every aspect of our lives, from physical and mental health to career and overall happiness.

The cost of settling for less in a romantic relationship is simply too high!


That’s why we decided to combine our expertise and create the Relationship Mastery Course! A community-powered, experiential learning journey with ALL YOU'LL EVER NEED to build lasting love, whether you are single or in a relationship. 


With our unique 4-Step Framework, we dive into self-discovery, healing, mastering relationship skills and dynamics, and learning how to elevate emotional and physical intimacy. We combine the latest relationship science and psychology with timeless wisdom, actionable exercises, and live support to guide you toward the love life you desire. 

In this course you will;

Break free from past emotional wounds, limiting beliefs, and negative patterns that have blocked your love life.


Build a nurturing, self-loving relationship that empowers you to authentically express your true potential in the world.

Refine your communication skills and learn how to transform communication challenges into opportunities for deep connection.

Learn the art of navigating life together and nurture a relationship that stands strong and adapts to the ever-changing rhythms of life.

Master the dynamics that fuel attraction and passion in relationships, and cultivate a more profound and satisfying emotional connection.

Master the depths of physical intimacy and equip yourself with tools to experience new levels of pleasure in the bedroom.

And most importantly, you'll be sure that you did your part in preparing for a fulfilling relationship. At the end of the day, we cannot change others, we can only improve and change ourselves.

Unlock the secrets to a lasting love with our

Relationship Mastery Course!


This is far more than just a course; it's a comprehensive, guided experience designed to transform your approach to relationships. It's about putting theory into action through a series of practical exercises that will challenge you, change you, and ultimately guide you toward a more fulfilling love life. 

Throughout the 8 weeks of this journey, you won't be alone; you'll receive direct support from us in our online platform, ensuring that the concepts and strategies you learn are effectively applied to your personal situation. Moreover, you'll be part of a moderated course community for a lifetime, a space for exchange, interaction, and mutual encouragement.



8 modules organized in 4 steps 



LIFETIME access to video lessons wwwwwww


LIFETIME access to the online course community


Ebook with a Journal to follow the lessons and exercises


One-pager templates with the most important aspects of the course


Downloadable guided meditations   wwwwww


Let's dive deeper into what the course holds for you:

STEP 1: ILLUMINATE - Creating Your Relationship North-Star

This step is your initiation into the world of relationships. You will uncover the essential elements of a thriving relationship, and what are the red flags and negative patterns to avoid. You will explore some common relationship myths and the essence of what really makes a relationship work. Upon defining the desired mindset you should be in, you'll construct your personalized relationship blueprint, clarifying your aspirations and setting the stage for your desired love life.

STEP 2: EMBODY - Healing and falling in love with yourself

Step 2 is a path of self-discovery and healing, exploring the aspects that may block progress in your love life. This phase begins with a week packed with transformative exercises, ranging from generational patterns to healing the Inner Child and Mother and Father wounds. Additionally, you'll explore and confront limiting beliefs and patterns that affect your relationships. In the second part of this step, we guide you through our Spiral of Self-Love model, which includes powerful Shadow Work exercises. Through building awareness, dedicated inner work, and practical guidance, you'll walk on a path of healing and self-love, preparing you to connect deeply with both yourself and others.

STEP 3: MASTER - Mastering relationship dynamics

Step 3 is all about acquiring vital skills to navigate relationship dynamics. You will explore fundamental connection-building skills, such as mastering the art of conversation, conflict resolution, active listening and setting boundaries. These skills will empower you to cultivate meaningful and fulfilling relationships. Beyond communication, we'll guide you through shared decision-making processes, aligning on dreams and aspirations, fostering mutual fondness and admiration, and managing responsibilities effectively. Additionally, we'll explore topics like creating a shared vision, financial management, and navigating family dynamics, providing you with practical tools for mastering the complexities of relationships.

STEP 4: ELEVATE - Elevating your emotional and physical intimacy

Step 4 will help you unlock deeper levels of connection in both your emotional and physical intimacy. You will uncover the dynamics of polarity that fuels attraction and passion in relationships and become aware of how to improve your emotional intelligence.We address and challenge limiting beliefs surrounding sex, explore sexual desire from various perspectives, and tackle taboo topics. With our guidance, you'll level-up your lovemaking skills and learn how to cultivate higher pleasure in your sex life. Lastly, as a cherry on top, you'll be guided in crafting your intimacy playbook, transforming your physical intimacy into a source of deep connection.



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Your Coaches

Mayara Assis

I’m Mayara, a Relationship and Intimacy Coach with 15 years of experience dedicated to empowering individuals to build fulfilling and harmonious relationships with themselves and others. My path has been shaped by a diverse range of experiences, from formal education in healing sciences to certification in relationship and intimacy coaching.  My courses have reached individuals across 5 continents, and I have worked with hundreds of clients in private sessions. I've led personal development retreats and taught at some of the world's most renowned love and intimacy festivals. Yet, my passion for this work was ignited by my own struggles in love. The steps to finding a fulfilling romantic love that I applied in my personal and professional life with my clients, became my unique four-step program for helping others on the same journey.


Stefan KujundŇĺińá

And I’m Stefan. I started my career as an organizational coach helping teams and leaders create healthier interactions and working environments with nurturing interpersonal relationships at the center of my work. 

As an International Coaching Federation accredited coach and certified leadership coach, I bring my skills in building high-performing teams and interactions to the world of relationship coaching. With my experience in creating practical learning programs for the corporate world, I combine informal education on Organizational, Individual, and Cognitive-Behavioral Psychology to provide you with a learning journey I wish I had a decade ago.



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