Your Journey to Relationship Mastery

Whether in a relationship or single, I help you create the love life you desire!



The biggest relationship mistakes and how to avoid them 


Uncover the essential and most overlooked mistakes that we are making in our love life, and actionable tips on how to avoid them. As a bonus, you will receive a template for crafting your Ideal Relationship brueprint, helping you set course for your dream relationship. _____________________________


Your guide to deeper connection in the bedroom text


This ebook is designed to offer you actionable strategies to cultivate a deeper connection and intimacy within your sexual experiences.  I'll guide you through the phases of engaging and passionate lovemaking, complemented by reflective exercises designed to help you create your personal intimacy playbook.

Many years ago, I realized one simple yet most important truth for me:


The quality of my life depends most on the quality of my relationships.


Almost all of us will enter some form of union with a partner at some point in our lives. It's a consequence of universal truth that reflects a fundamental aspect of our human nature‚ÄĒwe don't thrive in isolation. We crave love and passion, companionship, the warmth of shared experiences, and the assurance that someone genuinely cares about us.

Yet, despite this universal longing, the journey to building a successful relationship is often hard and thorny, especially in the realm of romantic relationships.

What I believe is the key to the issues is: our lack of preparation.

We often lack adequate role models, hold unrealistic expectations of our partners, and, crucially, haven't acquired the necessary tools and skills to construct a resilient and thriving relationship.

But here's the empowering truth: the journey to a fulfilling relationship doesn't have to be paved with heartbreaks and disappointments. With the right guidance, tools, and skills, you can confidently navigate a relationship's complexities and create the love life you always desired.

Hi! I'm Mayara,

a Relationship and Intimacy Coach with 15 years of experience dedicated to empowering individuals to build more fulfilling and harmonious relationships with themselves and others.

With a rich background in personal development, I have collected a variety of experiences ranging from education in healing sciences, to becoming a certified coach specializing on relationships and intimacy.

Through my own journey, and my experience of supporting hundreds of clients to build their dream relationship, I have developed an approach that works! Grounded in the concept of Lean Learning, my approach supports you in translating theoretical concepts into practical actions‚ÄĒan optimal way to integrate new knowledge.

I'm here to support you on a journey toward lasting and meaningful relationships, that lead to fulfilling, happy lives.


Whether you want to;

Attract or sustain a deeply fulfilling relationship

Master everything you'll ever need to build lasting love

Unlock deeper levels of emotional and physical intimacy

Discover the secrets of genuine connection and passion in your sex life

Break free and heal destructive patterns and blockages in your love life 

or Nurture a loving and compassionate relationship with yourself

I'm here to support you every step of the way! Let’s walk together on a path of transformation and create the love life you've always dreamed of.

My 4-Step Framework

After years of dedicated work and experiences with numerous clients, I've distilled my expertise into a dynamic 4-step framework designed to cultivate deeply fulfilling relationships. This tailored approach is not just a method‚ÄĒit's an¬†experiential¬†journey. It's meticulously crafted to support and guide you through the necessary work, empowering you with the confidence to declare, 'I am ready' for love that lasts. This framework forms the cornerstone of my signature Relationship Mastery course and is the essence of our unique Ideal Partner community.


Uncover the essential elements of a thriving relationship and create your relationship North-Star.



Overcome blockages and limiting beliefs that sabotage your love life. Learn to cultivate self-love.



Acquire tools, skills, and insights necessary to create a resilient and harmonious relationship.



Learn how to unlock deeper levels of connection in your emotional and physical intimacy.


Relationship Mastery

Unlock the secrets to a lasting love with our Relationship Mastery Course!

This course is all you'll ever need to prepare for your next relationship or enhance the quality of your existing one. Dive into essential topics like effective communication, emotional healing and self-love. Learn to identify and break free from negative patterns in your love life. Discover the secrets of sexual fulfillment and explore the depths of emotional and physical intimacy. Learn how to cultivate deeper connections, and navigate the complexities of relationships with confidence and clarity. Our comprehensive curriculum, enriched with practical exercises and real-world examples, empowers you to create and sustain a love life filled with passion, intimacy and deep connection.

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Ideal Partner Community

A space to help you become the Ideal Partner, and build your dream relationship


The Ideal Partner community is a platform where personal growth meets relationship empowerment, where you can journey alongside like-minded individuals, and where your aspirations for a fulfilling life and meaningful relationships come to life. Within this community we offer healing and personal growth tools, complemented by practicing relationship skills, to support your path to self-improvement and the realization of the relationship you've always envisioned. Whether you are single or in a relationship, the Ideal Partner Community is your source of inspiration, motivation, support and accountability needed to take your life and relationships to the next level.




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